Make Money Online With Fiverr: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

With regard to self-employment, Fiverr uses all the other independent markets such as Upwork, 99designs and peopleperhour etc. This is something I have heard from other freelancers and I can attest to that personally as well. In my first month on Fiverr, I earned $ 50 in income and soon became my main source of income.

However, here’s the sad truth about Fiverr: Sometimes you never get orders for days, and then there are days when you get orders as large as $ 300 for a concert. Often there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the platform and all of your assumptions and calculations come out of the window.

But what if there was some way to start getting sales? What if there were proven and proven tips for getting that first order that brings you so much more? Forget the “motivational and inspirational” talk and the high philosophy and let the real tricks of the trade show you the real north.

Here are some proven methods to develop your brand on Fiverr and make a good one, recurring income out of it.

How to create an account on Fiverr

Fiverr login page

Okay, let’s go to the basics first. Creating an account on Fiverr is not a big problem and you can even log in with your Google or Facebook account.

However, there is something important to discuss here. When you want to “continue” with Google or Facebook, you need your real name from your Google Account or your Facebook ID and most people are mistaken here and opt for that particular name.

It’s not a problem if you want to use your real name as a brand (we’ll get there in a jiffy), but in case you want to open an account under the name of a company or agency, or wherever you want to use a pseudonym, it is better to stop for a moment and insert the proper name. If this name is still not taken, Fiverr will leave it with you.

Personal branding

Fiverr profile of a user.

You should know this secret if you have spilled your blood and sweat on Upwork (to no avail) as companies and individual clients specifically mention (and prefer) individual freelancers rather than so-called agencies or companies.


Here’s why! They are tricky enough to learn that many agencies outsource their high-paying work to underpaid, substandard freelancers, and therefore the $ 50 logo looks like $ 10. So make sure that your profile is under your own name or even a pseudonym, with your real and PROFESSIONAL photo.

Since we are talking about profile names and personal brand, it is very important to talk about a certain trend among Pakistani freelancers. This uses VPN or RDP to create US or UK accounts under native names.


In all honesty, the behavior of buyers on Fiverr is somewhat biased towards non-native freelancers, especially those from the subcontinent, but I can still show you a lot of Pakistanis and Indians on Fiverr who manage their accounts under real names and with real profile pictures, and guess what …

Not only are they successful, but some of them have reached the level where they have been chosen by Fiverr to represent the Fiverr community in their respective countries. Pakistan has two of these super sellers: Aaliyaan Choudhry and Nouman Saeed.


If you feel you can perform better and blend in easily with a native English speaker name, go for a pseudonym. This is not a violation of the Fiverr rules as long as you do not modify the proxy settings and thus modify your position by malicious attack.


If you go to Fiverr, you will see that they have categories for all kinds of micro-services. So if you go to the main category Writing and translation, you will see many subcategories, for example Advertising copywriting, press releases, blog articles and articles, etc. Then there are a few subcategories to the subcategories.

For example, if you click on Business & Copywriting, it shows you more filters from which a buyer can further refine the search: e.g. Website Copy, Product Lists, Ad Copy, etc.

What is all this? If you try to be a Jack of all trades and master of none, serious customers will ignore you because they are looking for the best people. You will also compete in the main categories and the competition will suffocate you. As a result, you will have no chance on Fiverr.

It is therefore preferable to restrict your approach to a main category, then to limit yourself more to a subcategory. Here you can do 3 to 4 concerts covering all the sub-sub-categories, but people, the best way is to go further and try to accomplish the expertise and dominance in a sub-sub. category.

For example, if you go to Digital Marketing> Social Media Marketing> Instagram, you will see that the top selling sellers of level 2 (easy to make) easily get 100 to 300+ positive reviews. This means that the number of actual sales (since not all of them are reviewed) could be 300 to 900. So the point is to tell you that even those who restrict themselves to the sub-sub-category can earn decent money.

Quality always trumps quantity

Fiverr Account Plans

This is a very important point. Many people still think that Fiverr is nothing more than a $ 5 micro-outsourcing site. Well, it’s not the truth.

The fact is that Fiverr has become a veritable melting pot of good talent and big money. You can hit the sky with personalized offers and the new Fiverr Pro program now features handpicked niche experts.

What is the approach to go from $ 5 to $ 200 and even up to $ 1,000? The answer is quality.

I remember listening to Fali Super Seller Aaliyaan Choudhry and he so aptly mentioned that the goal should not be to find 20 sellers with 20 orders of $ 5 but to find a big fish worth $ 100 or maybe be $ 1,000.


There are a lot of people looking for $ 5 services and it is easy to make a lot of income in no time. Right? Here’s a reality check: When you hire 20 or more sellers for $ 5 each, it’s not just about getting the order, delivering, and earning money quickly.

It is mainly and mainly about wasting time finalizing the details of the order, listening to each customer’s complaints, ensuring that no one leaves a notice below 4.5 and ensuring that your delivery is not rejected.

On the other hand, a buyer with deep pockets is easy to communicate with, please, satisfied and turns into a loyal customer. All you have to do is direct your research, your keywords, your concerts and your efforts to attract such large buyers. Leave the $ 5 for those who find comfort in a meager income of $ 500 to $ 700 per month.

The ultimate escape

The flaw may sound like a bad word, but here’s how you can use it to make your customers happy and line up your pockets.

Let me explain:

Some sellers only focus on this method: finding customers, getting orders, delivering and dumping customers to serve the next person in the sellers queue.

It’s the wrong approach!

The best idea is to create a loop with a hole through which buyers continue to fall on your lap like Newton’s ripe apple.

Here’s how:

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. So what kind of buyers come to Fiverr? I guess from your experience you can say that they are mostly inexperienced, young, ambitious and on a tight budget.

The majority of them have an online business idea for which these buyers need a website, graphics, business names and taglines, SEO, social media marketing, copywriting content and many other services.

So suppose you are selling animated graphics or videos and a customer comes to you, does their job and is now satisfied with the work. The million dollar question is whether you just let them go to the work delivered with the bare minimum and being satisfied with the high score or are you going to try to convert them into a regular customer?

You have to think proactively and plan for their next move and need. Now do market research on Fiverr and see the rates for the services your client might need, prepare a quote, be realistic and try to hang them for the next concert.

“The next concert? All I can do is make whiteboard animation videos! »False!

Here’s to your rescue the good old technique of resale. I interviewed this young entrepreneur based in Karachi not so long ago and this lucky guy made more or less $ 5,000 by selling only the services of other people.

How do you do?

You let your client know that you can offer SEO, copywriting, social media marketing, logo design, etc. of the same standard that you maintained and displayed when you created a whiteboard animation video for them.

Once you’ve received a green signal, consult your writer, logo designer, SEO expert, etc. (which you have already chosen based on prices, performance, delivery time and reviews, etc.), and send your customers’ requirements to them.

The order deadline should be two to three days before you are supposed to deliver the service to your customer. In this way, without doing anything, you retain your customer, you sell him more services, you make him repeat the customer and you gain more 5-star comments as well as references.

Smart, isn’t it?

Incentive sale

If you attended a Fiverr junkie webinar or attended a seminar such as Payoneer, you should have heard this word: “upsell”. What is that?

Upselling is basically the skill of selling something extra, premium or special to the customer, which in most cases is the new level of the same service you just sold them.

For example:

Suppose you have already sold a script to a customer for a whiteboard explanatory video they needed. Now you can make an upsell by offering them a whiteboard explanatory video and while placing the order, ask them for an authentic native English voiceover that you can arrange for them.

Shoot a few samples immediately and change the order and by doing so you sell $ 20 for video + $ 15 for voice over, when the actual order was just a video script for $ 5-10.

Approaching buyers’ requests

Fiverr Buyer Requests

Most of you who have worked on Upwork will find the Fiverr concert system a disguised blessing or total unfair advantage offered to already successful sellers.

Well, you don’t need to gain impressions and clicks to get a nice order. You can always access buyers ‘requests under the Sale tab (once you log into your Fiverr account) and know buyers’ requests according to the categories with which you deal.

How you apply to a buyer and how you bid is very important. Most people who fail with Upwork or Fiverr Buyer Requests are those who:

  • Look for high priced requests,
  • Choose an application that requires somewhat different expertise,
  • Load the offer with unnecessary details

The best way to get jobs from the demands of buyers is to:

  • Hunt the cheapest orders (because you don’t have ratings and experience yet)
  • Check that what the client wants is within your skills (a sweet blogger cannot write technical reports)
  • Add bullets to your offer and these points should show why you should be chosen, for example 3 years of Java experience, unlimited revisions, 100% money back guarantee, etc.

Importance of keywords

When paddling far from the coast and sinking deep into the deep blue freelance ocean on Fiverr, you should be aware that concert titles, search tags and descriptions must be imbued with appropriate focus keywords.

For example, we Pakistanis don’t know the difference between a slogan and a slogan, but the Americans know it very well. Suppose you are a copywriter and offer trade names and taglines (taglines), but the keyword you choose is “taglines”; In your opinion, what is the probability that your concert will reach an American entrepreneur who has searched for “slogans” in Fiverr’s research field?

You will be unlucky. Try to learn how buyers think of a service they need, what are the American terms and jargons for that service, and how Americans use long tail keywords.

Gig Photos / Videos

Best seller Fiverr

On Fiverr, a concert is actually known as a skill that you can sell to the potential client. For example, coding is a concert, the voiceover is a concert, and every skill you can sell is a concert.

Since there are thousands of concerts in Fiverr’s deep web that never come to the surface, you need to make sure that your concert gets noticed as soon as you do it. There are a few tips that help with this and the most important are concert photos / videos.

A photo is worth a thousand words. This comes from someone who has always been lucky with their new concerts, so listen carefully: your own image in your concert photo or your own video explaining your concert to prospects is what leads a client to send you a request , and a request has a good chance of being converted to your first sale.

Description of the concert

Ultimately, the likelihood of getting your first order affects the description of the concert. Suppose you have done everything with care, but your concert description does not have the quality of a good sales copy, you will not be able to sell it.

Get it peeps:

You sell on Fiverr and nobody has ever sold anything without a cheesy, cheesy and convincing sales pitch. There must be appropriate use of options like Bold font and highlighting important phrases.

Start by establishing an authority, e.g. “From a knowledgeable business card design expert who has designed stationery for more than 15,000 buyers on Fiverr …”, tactfully explain the detail of the service, then end the description with a call to action impressive and catchy.

Remember that your work statistics, the bulletins of your offer and the mention of the value you can offer to the customer are the most important essentials of a good concert description.

Try these handy tips from a freelancer who has served over 3000 businesses and individuals on Fiverr (see, I did it again) and you will soon see greens coming.

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