AdSense: Why do 160×600 Advertisements Appear in a 300×600 Ad Slot?

You may have seen it so often that 160 x 600 AdSense ads appear in 300 x 600 ad space. Likewise, 728 x 90 ads appear in 970 x 90 ad space. Why does this happen? he?

Why do 160×600 ads appear in a 300×600 ad space?

To help increase competition for certain larger ad sizes, similar sizes may also appear in the ad space. When this happens, the classified ad plays at the top of the largest horizontally centered ad unit. In particular, for ad units that have been shown, you may sometimes see the following:

  • a 160X600 ad in a 300X600 ad unit
  • a 728X90 ad in a 970X90 ad unit
  • a 300X250 ad in a 336X280 ad unit

So by placing larger ad sizes on your site, you can create more competition for the same space creates more competition in the auction. Just like when you opt for text and display ads, having multiple sizes competing for the same space creates more competition during the auction. And more competition means higher winning bids.

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